It’s November. Winter is not that far away. Luckily, there’s still time to get your house ready for winter before the deep freeze hits. A couple of hours of work can protect the value of your home.

1. Stay warm – get your furnace checked by a professional. Your furnace is like a reliable friend in the basement. But guaranteed, if it dies, it will happen on the coldest day of the year. Get it checked out before the temperature drops from cold to Arctic. It may even add years to the life of your furnace.

2. Turn off your outside water and drain your hoses. An easy task to forget, but this action can help prevent a burst pipe. It’s much easier to do before everything freezes solid.

3. Clean those gutters and down spouts. This can be a tricky job, especially since your leaves may still be falling along with the snow. A blocked gutter can create a world of water issues. If you are afraid of heights or can’t do it yourself, it’s a worthwhile investment to hire someone to do clear them for you.

4. Give everything a good once over. Check your roof for missing shingles or obvious signs that you need a repair. Check your windows and doors for costly leaks. It’s the best way to keep your house cozy, dry, and warm this winter.

5. Got a wood burning fireplace or stove? Get your chimney cleaned. Dangerous creosote builds up over time and is the leading cause of chimney fires. A professional chimney sweep can help keep you home safe.

Raking may be one less thing to worry about this year. Nature Conservancy of Canada is asking Canadians to rake less to help create a habitat for wildlife over winter. Butterflies, moths, insects, and even toads and frogs can all find protection in the fallen leaves. Come the spring, they become an important food source for birds. If your neighbour complains about your leaves, let them know you’re doing your part to help Mother Naturehese are just a few of the steps to take to protect the value of your home. This is critical if you are considering selling your home. This may be the right time to consider putting your house on the market.

According to the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS®, housing sales increased in October. In 2018, we’ve seen the market go down by about 12.9% when compared it to 2017. But, housing sales increased by 7.9% in October in comparison to October 2017. The market is warming up if you are thinking about making a move.

Contact me if you are thinking of buying or selling or know someone who may need my help. I’d also love to hear from you if you’ve got favourite tips you’d like to share with my readers.