Do you suffer from blank wall syndrome? That’s what happens when you have a hard time picking the art for your home.

Art is as personal as it gets. Choosing the right art for your home can be downright intimidating. Art is a wonderful way to express yourself and really add character to your home. It can also be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start.

The only rule here is that “there are no rules”. Instead, there are some helpful guidelines to get inspired and create a look you like.

1. Decide what you like

You may find it hard to buy a piece of art that fits your existing décor. Here’s a secret. Trust your gut. If the art doesn’t match your décor perfectly, it’s ok. It can still be a strong statement piece. You can pull it all together by adding a throw in the right tones and a few decorative cushions. Plus, you can pick up on different colours and tones and change it up as your mood or the seasons change. The trick is to find what you love. If that means putting up a velvet Elvis painting – do it. It will tell everyone that you’re fun and not afraid to make a statement!

2. Paint your own piece

Does that sound crazy? That’s OK! Let your inner artist out and make something that really represents you. Take an art class or go abstract with a blank canvas from a local craft store and some paint. The only risk is that you’ll have some great therapy time, and you will have let your inner child loose for a few hours. Research a design you like online or at a big box store. Take a picture with your phone when you see something you love.

3. Use photography

Most of us are amateurs when it comes to photography, but you probably have some great pictures that you love. Put them on display. A digital camera is sure to give you high-resolution pictures, but you can still get nice results with your phone. Talk to your local photo place to find out what resolution you need to make a great looking picture in different sizes. Pick up some inexpensive frames of different styles and sizes at second hand stores and big box stores. Play with the mat sizes, textures and colours of frames. Be brave and mix art with photography and even some shadow boxes to showcase treasured items as part of your gallery wall. It’s inexpensive, personal and beautiful.

4. Hang it like a pro

There are a number of online templates and tips available to help you get the final task of hanging your art completed and ready to showcase. The rule of thumb for clustered art displays is that the centre or focal point should be 57 to 60 inches above the floor. IKEA has a large paper layout you can take home for free. To make a gallery wall, make templates of the picture sizes you want to use out of paper. Hang the paper templates on the wall and play with it until you get it right. When you like what you see, mark where you need to put the fasteners to hang your pictures. This will ensure you get it right the first time and don’t end up with extra holes in your walls. Enlist the help of a trusted friend and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Ready to sell your home and want to make sure your walls are show ready? Give me a call. I’ll help you prepare you house so it looks great!