The fall is a time of getting ready to get back into the swing of things. We all resist at first but then a trip to the grocery store, or even worse, Costco reminds us that the seasons are changing. With these changes come some new realities. Kids have to face the back to school craziness and parents have to plug back into work after vacations. Many people also prepare for a change in their housing situation post summer slow down.

In Waterloo Region, summer slow down is not all that slow. It’s a time for houses to close and new conversations in preparation for fall listings. We are lucky to live in a region that is always growing and continues to get better beyond our imagination. You have likely heard that fall 2018 will be slower than it was in 2017. Don’t let that message misguide you. The number of houses available, average price and the number of days that a house stays on the market informs these statistical publications but there’s much more to it than that.

From my point of view, we are still seeing houses go up and down quickly and there is a lot of opportunity for both first time buyers and seasoned investors. Because I have a number of clients at different stages in their buying and selling process, I can share insight about what is coming up on the market and when. I also have the privilege of working with a team of Realtors at Chestnut Park West (LINK) who also have insight into their clients’ movements. We work together to present you an array of choices.

So what does this mean for you? Don’t wait until the Pumpkin Spice lattes hit Starbucks! Let’s have a conversation now to see where you are in your process. If you have a friend or family member looking to make a change, this is an excellent time for us to connect. I always hear that overwhelmed undertone when people are thinking of buying and or selling. My greatest reward is to guide you every step of the way and remove the worry. From a conversation about a neighbourhood you may be interested in to what the value of your current house is, I can help. It just starts with a coffee. Maybe it’s the last Christmas in your current house or you are dreaming of hanging lights in a new one…let’s connect! It would be my absolute pleasure.