Compared to previous generations, options are endless for women in Canada, from education to careers to housing. And Waterloo Region is no exception.

Women in the KW area are representing first-time home-owners, condo owners, and property investors.

The number of single women buying homes has been increasing for the past number of years. In the US, single females accounted for almost one in five of home buyers and twice as many home buyers as single men in 2016. Similar estimates aren’t available in Canada, but the trend appears to be moving in the same direction.

In Waterloo Region, which has been ranked one of the top areas to buy homes in Canada, many women can attest to the benefits of owning real estate.

Kristy McDonnell is a local Kitchener woman who bought a house with her husband in 2013. When they separated a few years later, she bought out her ex and maintains the house with her two small kids. When asked how she feels about owning her own home Kristy says:

“Being a single woman and owning your own home is a dream–except for shovelling the tandem three-car driveway. Working hard to provide your family with an amazing place to live and grow is the most empowering thing I have ever experienced. When I think about all I have accomplished, including owning my own home, I feel like Wonder Woman. And that just feels good.”

There have been books and guides written for women getting into the real estate market. However, the questions to ask yourself are really not much different from that of anyone else:

·  What type of home is a good fit for me?

·  What is the price range I can afford?

·  How much of a down payment do I need?

·  How much renovating am I willing to do, if any?

·  What are some of the additional expenses of purchasing a property?

·  Would being a landlord be a good fit for me?

Some additional considerations when purchasing real estate and carrying the cost of a mortgage on your own include: the stability of your job and/or work industry, having an emergency fund for a financial buffer, and having a support system of family or friends to help give advice!

I can help you work through these questions and considerations and more. You won’t be taking the steps alone!